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Programs and Utilities

#### Utilities ####

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+ ... developed or maintained
+ ... developed or maintained (obsolete)
* ... a copy of the original
* ... as above but obsolete
: ... a link to another site

+ m-filter: a filter for mails(Source, UNIX/MS Windows etc.), See more details
This is particularly useful for managing mailing lists.
Cut attached files according to their extensions (for virus etc.), too many quoted lines, HTML parts etc. Functions are defined by a defining file and cutted parts can be stored in a file. It also supports the filtering under smrsh.
+ exedll:A universal program to execute DLL according to configuration files (Executable and Source for MS Windows)
Sample configration files are for
Common Archivers Library Project 's DLL: lha/zip/unzip/tar/cab/ish/unarj/unrar/ftp
TeX package due to Kakuto: platex/latex/amstex etc.
DLL supported by rundll32: open/timedate/openfont/http
+ Dhrystone: a famous benchmark program
This has an invension in mesuring time (in particular for PC-9801).
DOS(Source and Executable) and UNIX(Source and Executable for SUN OS 4.1.3)
+ kf: a kanji code filter
This can guess the Kanji code (EUC, JIS, SJIS) to minimize the number of error codes.
DOS(Source and Executable) and UNIX(Source and Executable for SUN OS 4.1.3)
+ MicroSPELL: a spell checker (MS-DOS)
This works as a standalone or through editors Vz, mifes, demacs, mule on BOW.
fr850dic.lzh: Dictionary of French words (163013 words)
gdekodic.lzh: Dictionary of German words ( 82525 words)
spljgd.lzh : Dictionary of English words
spljie.lzh : MicroSPELL Ver.1.0JI
----- contains macros for Vz, mifes and Demacs
spljis.lzh : Source of MicroSPELL Ver.1.0JI
strconv.lzh : String Converter (can be used as a code translatator of words among
TeX form, IBM Code Page 850, unicode etc.)
+ psort: sort(f) + grep + nkf etc.
multi-key and block sort by using regular expressions.
Kanji codes(EUC, JIS, SJIS) are accepted.
DOS(Source and Executable) and UNIX(Source and Executable for SUN OS 4.1.3)
+ diffdir: multi-purpose dir command(DOS)
compare files in one or two dirrectories and output several informations
DOS(Source and Executable)
: A guide to Japanese computing(Washington Univ.)

##### TeX for Japanese language #####

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+ ... developed or maintained
+ ... developed or maintained (obsolete)
* ... a copy of the original
* ... as above but obsolete
: ... a link to another site

+ TeX system for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP supporting pTeX
Kakuto Version (LaTeX, pTeX, pdfTeX, mftools, dvipsk, dvi2ps, makeindex etc.)
+ dviout/dviprt: TeX device drivers for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, DOS, UNIX and others
Overview of dviout/dviprt(in Japanese)
Changes in Ver.2.43 -> 2.43.2(in Japanese)
Information of packages of dviout/dviprt
dviout with MikTeX
tips on dviout
+ dvispc: DVI file (modify to be page-independent, translate DVI <-> TEXT)
dvispc.tar.gz: Source file for UNIX/Win32 in C
Modify DVI file to be page-independent in specials (color push/pop, tpic specials)
Show specials in DVI file
Translate between DVI <-> Readable text (has a mode compatible to dvi2dt/dt2dvi)
+ TeXsub: a utility using colors for editing TeX sources
A memory resident program which colors texts in displaying TeX sources
texsub.lzh : PC-9801
texsubdv.lzh: IBM-PC

Several Informations

: The Publishing TeX (ASCII's TeX for Japanese language)
: TeX for Windows Trouble Shooting (by Impress)
: links to informations(Student's Room 418)
: Useful information by Okumura

Useful documents and others

: HyperTeX
TeX and dvi/ps files with hyper link
* Writing Mathematics in TeX
On correct usage of TeX written by Tadao ODA: dvi(18 pages) or source in LaTeX (in Japanese).
+ Guide for installation of TeX
UNIX(in Japanse), MS-DOS, MS-Windows(in Japanese)
* a class file of AMS-LaTeX for Japanese language
jamscls(by Muro)
* UNIX shell script to make fonts
makefont.tar.gz(by Fukui)

##### Mathematics (general) #####

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+ ... developed or maintained
* ... a copy of the original
: ... a link to another site

: Risa/Asir: a computer algebra
A general computer algebra system developed at Fujitsu Laboratory.
Good in Grobner basis and factorizations in a polynomial ring
User functions are defined by a language like C
UNIX, DOS, Windows and Mac
: MuPAD: a computer algebra
A general computer algebra system
Developed by Prof. Benno Fuchssteiner at Univ. Paderbornat
User interface for X-Windows, Machintosh, Windows95/NT
: UBASIC: BASIC for mathematical calculations
Special for calculation of numbers(long integers and precision)
Written by Y. Kida.
: kan: a computer algebra
Special for D-modules, written by N. Takayama
: Macaulay: a computer algebra system for algebraic geometry
Written by D.Bayer and M.Stillman.
: PARI/GP: calculator for number theory and algebra
Long integers and precision with many types and many special functions
Written by C. Batut, D. Bernardi, H. Cohen and M. Oliver.
UNIX, NEXT, DOS, Mac etc.
Another site.
: GAP : a computer algebra for groups, alogorithms, programs
Many functions and routines, written by Martin Sch"onert.
Another site is here.
UNIX, Mac, IBM-PC etc. and a patch for PC-9801.
Please check by "archie" for sites near by.
: Links to informations
Software for Mathematics(AMS)

##### Mathematics (topics) #####

+ disc: a program in representation theory of semisimple Lie groups
Calculating asymptotics of matrix coefficients and imbeddings of Harish-Chandra modules into principal series

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