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Ver.3.18(Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP) February 12, 2006
- README : a short document
- tex318w.exe : dviout for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP(with the installer)
- tex318w.zip : dviout for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP(packed by zip)
- tex318s.zip : Source of dviout for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP(BCC 5.01J/C++ Builder 4.0/VC 4.0/VC 5.0/VC6.0/VC8.0)

The above are mirrored by CTAN (dviware/dviout).

Current test versions

On-Line Help (dviout for Windows) in HTML format
Directly translated from the on-line help of dviout for Windows Ver.3.06
in Japanese : about 400K byte
in English : about 400K byte

tips on dviout

BaKoMa TrueType fonts (CM/AMS fonts)
Fixed a bug of a code (which will be revealed in WindowsXP) in TrueType fonts

Utility programs for dviout
winttf.lzh etc.: Use Windows TrueType fonts(Times New Roman,..., Many Japanese fonts), packages by Otobe.
- createbb.lzh: Windows interface to create a file with BoudingBox for a graphic file(used by graphics package in LaTeX2e), written by Otobe, require dviout Ver.3.10.2 or later

Printer configuration files for dviprt
- cfg.lzh: Sources are in SHIFT JIS
- cfg.tar.gz: Sources are in EUC

Ver.2.43.2(the latest and probably the last version for MS-DOS)
- t2432sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.43 -> 2.43.2
- t2432ma.lzh : Manuals Ver.2.43 -> 2.43.2
- t2432ut.lzh : Utilities Ver.2.43 -> 2.43.2
- t2432pr.lzh : dviprt(printer driver for PC-98, IBM-PC, J-3100)
- t2432p9.lzh : dviout(previewer for PC-98) Ver.2.43.2
- t2432dv.lzh : dviout(previewer for IBM-PC) Ver.2.43.2
- texjman.dvi : Technical manual from t2432ma.lzh

- t2431sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.43 -> 2.43.1
- t2431pr.lzh : dviprt(printer driver for PC-98, IBM-PC, J-3100)
- t2431p9.lzh : dviout(previewer for PC-98) Ver.2.43.1
- t2431dv.lzh : dviout(previewer for IBM-PC) Ver.2.43.1

- tex243sr.lzh: Source (PC-98, IBM-PC, J3100, AX, HP100LX)
- tex243ma.lzh: Manuals
- tex243ut.lzh: Utilities
- texjman.dvi : Technical manual from tex243ma.lzh

Old Sources and Binaries(MS-DOS)
- tex207sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.07
- tex233sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.33
- tex234sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.34
- t2383sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.38.3
- tex239sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.39
- tex242sr.lzh : Source Ver.2.42
- t242p9n.lzh : dviout/dviprt for PC-9801 Ver.2.42(80386+80387)

Other machines(MS-DOS)
- d_outp3b.lzh : dviout Ver.2.42(PowerWindow 801G/928G/928II/805i)
- dvioutp3.lzh : dviout Ver.2.42(PowerWindow 801/801+/928)
--- The above two require "t242p9n.lzh".
- t2383fms.lzh : dviout/dviprt Ver.2.38.3(Fujitsu FMR:Source, diff)
--- This requires "t2383sr.lzh".
- t24201hp.lzh : dviout/dviprt Ver.2.42(HP100LX: Executable)
- tex241ax.lzh : dviout/dviprt Ver.2.41(AX: Executable)
- tex243h.lzh : dviout/dviprt Ver.2.43(PC-100:Executable)
- tex243hs.lzh : dviout/dviprt Ver.2.43(PC-100:Source, diff)

- dviout.tar.gz : source files for FreeBSD Ver.
- dvioutps.diff.gz : a patch for epsf.sty and epsbox.sty (by WASAT)
- t2433c1src.tar.gz : dviprt for UNIX(SUN OS/FreeBSD etc.) Ver.2.43.3c1(test version)

Links to some related sites/programs

Packages for dviout to use Windows TrueType Fonts (by Otobe)

TeX system for Windows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Kakuto's TeX system(in English):LaTeX, pTeX, Omega, pdfTeX, mftools, dvipsk, ps2pk, dvipdfm etc.

Susie plug-in:
Susie and plug-in for JPEG etc. http://www.digitalpad.co.jp/~takechin/

List by KANA, List by BAROQUE(in English), List by KITSU-NET - AKIRA Gotoh

GIF/Sun Raster/TIFF/TGA/DIB: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~ds8h-wtnb/Software/index.html
PNG/DCX etc.: http://www3.justnet.ne.jp/~BAROQUE/eprogram.htm
PBM/PGM/PPM: http://www.ganaware.org

ABC export library:
PNG/BMP/JPEG: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~kh4s-smz/spi/my_spi.html
EPS: http://at.sakura.ne.jp/~t-mz/

PSfrag package and ps2frag.ps

utilities for dviout
In this site